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Alexa is the Amazon’s voice-based smart home assistant, launched in November of 2014 when Amazon branched out into a new space. Alexa can be used in Amazon’s Echo products. It includes the original Amazon Echo, the smaller Echo Dot, the Amazon Tap, the Echo Look, and the Echo Show.

Alexa was famous by the Amazon Echo because it is a device that acts both as a speaker and as well as a smart-home hub and also works on many other devices. It can understand our commands and response accurately, like magic. However, because it’s a cloud-based service, Amazon is updating Alexa’s intelligence on a continuous basis to overcome some challenges. As we all know machine learning is becoming more accurate, as we look for Alexa to become more intelligent and committed towards the user, Alexa support always helps the customers, if you have any problem with your Alexa, please contact at our Alexa Support Phone Number 1-888-356-3444.

It is the best human-made personal assistant designed to compete with other AI personal assistants like Google, and SIRI the famous ones. Alexa responds to your voice commands accurately and gives contextual responses which quickly helps you to get the job done.

Alexa can help you with the following things:-

  •    Listen to tracks on Spotify
  •    Create to-do lists
  •    help you in Shopping
  •    Control home products
  •     Update you Weather and traffic forecast
  •    Buy new things on Amazon with your one command for you.

AS being new user sometimes it becomes difficult to use or operate all function of a new technical device, so Alexa support is there to solve the customer’s problem, you can contact on Alexa Support Phone Number 1-888-497-4666

alexa support phone number

Following Devices are compatible with Alexa:-

Amazon Alexa echo is the best model of Alexa which delivers the best user experience. Here is the list of other smart devices owned by Amazon:

  • Echo Dot and Tap
  • Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box
  • Fire HD 8 tablet

If you have any inquiry about Alexa working with other devices you can contact Alexa Support Phone Number.

How to use Alexa- A quick guide for beginners

Alexa device is constantly listening, it starts tracking and analyzing what you say only next after it hears “Alexa.” It then tells you the relevant results. However, if there is already someone in your house named Alexa, you can change the wake word to something else like Amazon, Echo, or Computer etc.

You can ask Alexa all sorts of questions such as:-

  • To play music.
  • Ask about the weather.
  • Ask her to convert measurements for you.
  • You may use Alexa to shop for products on Amazon.  
  • can control other smart devices
  • You can order a Domino’s pizza etc
  • Ask for the latest Washington Post headlines. etc

Amazon calls every capability like above as “skills.” One of her new skill is the ability to work as an intercom system in your home.

If you have any queries regarding the Alexa skills you can contact Alexa Support Phone Number any time.

Following are the special features in Alexa:-

  1.    Voice calling & messaging:

You can place hands-free calls or craft voice messages on most of the Amazon echo products or on Alexa app.

If you seem the set up of voice calling and messaging is difficult you can contact Alexa Support Phone Number any time to solve queries.

  1. Alexa can even provide the Entertainment

Alexa’s best features come in the entertainment sphere. Out of the box, Alexa works with a vast range of entertainment services, like Amazon’s Prime Music, Spotify, Audible audiobooks etc. If customers are unable to run an entertainment feature, just by dialing the Alexa Support Phone Number, they will be able to know things quickly.

  1.  Kids friendly free time for Alexa

Another name for Amazon’s parental control is free time. And it makes Alexa a lot safer. Parents can set time limits on Alexa, the voice shop features and listens to the news.  And can change the voice assistant personality completely.

If you don’t understand how to make Alexa kids friendly, you can contact the Alexa Support Phone Number to understand the things quickly, which will help you to save your time and energy


Alexa is an effective personal assistant who works for you according to your instructions. You can contact the Alexa Support Phone Number if you have any inquiries, problems or you feel any complexity while using the Alexa. Our representatives or Alexa support will provide you the correct and useful information which will save you time and energy.

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Alexa Support Phone Number
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